Besides the supply of course for the individual users, TRIO has realized a series of projects in cooperation with institutes ,firms and institutions for a target of defined users and/or on special topics.

TRIO, for its versatility, flexibility and richness of the training offer, is an ideal partner for public and private stakeholders looking for ad hoc training solutions.

in view of the enhancement of the platform and of the courses catalogue and of support to the training needs of public and private institutes, trio is opened to cooperation and to the development of dedicated subjects.

In this section are reported some of the more significant projects realized by trio on specific topics or together with subjects of various nature.

This section contains some of the most significant and recent projects, realised by TRIO together with public and privates bodies or focused on specific topics:

  • TRIO and the digital competences (educational resources for the development of digital competences, adapted to target public)
  • Giovanisì (in collaboration with the project of the Tuscany region for youth indendency)
  • New Apprenticeship (educational resources for professional apprenticeship)
  • Safe School (in collaboration with the Regional Education Department for safety training on workplace in Tuscan institutes)
  • Repertoire of the Professional Figures (educational resources according to the Paths of the Regional System of Comptences)
  • ECDL - e-Citizen – EQDL (in collaboration with AICA for Information and Quality certifications)
  • Certifications for language courses (in collaboration with accredited organizations to issue the certificates)
  • TRIO mobile (experimenting new access modalities to TRIO contents)
  • Piano Paesaggistico della Toscana