New Apprenticeship

Professionalizing apprenticeship and the training on TRIO                                                              See the available didactic offer

The legislative decree of 14th September 2011, 187 " Unique test for apprenticeship", integrated by the following legislative acts, has introduced significant changes in the regulation and discipline of the apprenticeship, defining the institution as a "contract of work for a not determined time finalized to the training and occupation of young people".

The unique test individuates three different typologies of apprenticeship contract:

1. apprenticeship for the qualification and for the professional diploma;
2. professionalizing apprenticeship or job contract;
3. apprenticeship of high training and research.

The Tuscany Region with a series of acts has disciplined rightly the institution of the apprenticeship for what regards its competence.

In particular, in the area of the professionalizing apprenticeship contract or job contract, the enclosed B of the DGR n° 609 of 10th july 2012, in actuation of what foreseen in the rules 47R of 2003 and s.m.i., has disciplined the regional rules about the public training offer, finalized to the acquirement of base and transversal competences.

For what is related with the supply modality, the external training happen:

-  for a part with the regional web learning system TRIO. The maximum percentage of training that can be realized through TRIO will be:

  • 70% for apprentices possessing the degree from university;
  • 50% for the apprentices possessing the diploma of the secondary school of second grade of five years duration, of diploma and professional qualification;
  • 30% for the apprentices without the titles and qualifications.

-  -for the left percentage in frontal training supplied by the training agencies and at the sites of the same training agencies or inside the firms respectively to the defined criteria by the art.50.comma 1of the rule 47/r of 2003, and always during the working timetable.

The enclosed B foresee the access to the TRIO system for the fruition of the training modules can happen through the poles of territorial tele-training and the firm Web Learning Group (WLG), if activated, during the working time.

Moreover the enclosed B explicits the availability on the trio catalogue of the resources referring to the following topics (between the parenthesis the number of available modules for thematic area):

o   mother tongue communication (11),

o   foreign languages communication (60),

o   digital competence (25),

o   initiative and business spirit (45).

The enclosed B has moreover foresee, for the training activity supply for the professionalizing apprenticeship or job contract, the constitution and promotion by the Tuscany Region of a public catalogue that foresee even the mixed training paths (blended), in presence and at distance, characterized by the usage of the didactic resources of the system TRIO.

TRIO qtherefore can be used in those paths inserted in the regional catalogue, actually in the phase of constitution.

For a major detail on the single modules related to the topics indicated go to the dedicated page present in Didateca.