For public organizations: RITeF

The Inter-Regional Net of Technologies for the Training (RITeF)

Trio is a resource that enriches itself through the confrontation with other realities that uses methodologies and tools for on-line training. Moreover with the exchange of didactic resources is maximized the public investment in the system of web learning and it is stimulated the cooperation among the administrations for the birth of a real “ reuse praxis“.
For these reasons the Tuscany region has defined as one of the main goals of TRIO, the realization of agreements with the territorial institutions for the exchanges of know-how about the on-line training and for the sharing and the reuse of didactic resources through the interchange among technological platforms.
To realize this goal, the Tuscany region has participated actively to the constitution of the “Inter-Regional Net about the Use of Technologies for Training” (RITEF) together with other regions and autonomous provinces. Besides Tuscany region are part of the ritef the autonomous province of Bolzano, the Liguria region, the Marche region, the Veneto region, the Emilia-Romagna region and the Piemonte region.


The aims of  RITeF

The members of RITeF have fixed the following main goals on which concentrate the works:

  • the cooperation among institutions about the use of training technologies;
  • the exchange of experiences realized about innovation and diversification of training systems;
  • The reuse of products ( learning object and didactic resources) from the point of view of interoperability among systems;
  • The sharing of services to evaluate the efficacy of practices and training approaches already experimented and orientate the new initiatives through the organization and technological solutions of great efficacy.


The agreements realized by Tuscany Region

The experience of RITeF has had as direct fallout the creation and consolidation of cooperation among the Tuscany Region and the other Public Administrations. These cooperation have realized a series of agreements on line with the aims of RITeF. Hereafter are listed the agreements realized till today:

  • agreement for the reuse of learning objects between the autonomous Province of Bolzano and Tuscany Region;
  • agreement for the reuse of learning objects between Emilia Romagna Region and Tuscany Region;
  • agreement for the use of learning objects between Veneto Region and Tuscany Region;
  • agreement for the exchange of learning objects between the autonomous Region of Trento and Tuscany Region;
  • agreement for the reuse of learning objects and informatics infrastructures between Marche Region and Tuscany Region;
  • agreement of license outline of use of Learning Objects;
  • agreement between Rome capital and Tuscany Region.


The agreement between the autonomous province of Bolzano and Tuscany Region: the project ”Copernicus and TRIO”

Copernicus is the training system for the professional adjournment promoted by the autonomous Province of Bolzano Alto Adige to facilitate the individualized access to training paths through the information and communication technologies.
The project "Copernicus and TRIO"(C&T) wants to create new opportunities of access to the continuous and permanent training also for these workers categories that have difficulties to conciliate the working hours with the timetable of the training offer present on the territory.
The experimentation foreseen by the project are mainly for managers and employees of little and micro enterprises of the handcrafted and commerce branch, for the cooperative world and for immigrant citizens. The courses involved in the project C&T belong to the following thematic areas: base informatics and office, base English, commercial English, English for tourism, Italian for foreigners, cooperative management, privacy, safeness at work, marketing and communication.


The agreement between Emilia-Romagna Region and Tuscany Region

With this agreement the Tuscany Region and the Emilia-Romagna Region have acted the exchange, regulated by special use licenses, of some training modules ( learning object) present on the respective web learning platforms. TRIO and SELF (system of e-learning federated).
The success of this agreement has stimulated between the two regions the start of a confrontation for the development of a training offer shared on the web, that does not limit itself only to the exchange of modules but foresee a major level of integration and sharing between the parts to enhance the excellences of the respective systems and to optimize the acting of the resources.


The agreement between the Veneto Region and Tuscany Region

Similarly the agreement signed with the Emilia-Romagna Region, the Tuscany Region has signed an agreement with the Veneto region for the reuse of training products with the special use license. It has not treated exclusively the transfer of contents, but for some modules – as for example those of privacy – the Veneto Region has provided directly the adjournment of the contents, integrating them with the regional specifics. The modified modules have then been restituted to the Tuscany Region.
The Veneto Region could this way conveyed on its web learning platform the courses coming from TRIO and the Tuscany Region has received adjourned modules and enriched in the contents.


The agreement between the autonomous Province of Trento and Tuscany Region

The autonomous Province of Trento manages a system named "Life Long Learning" (elle3) finalized to the experimentation of the training modules for the e-learning and the realization of training paths.
With this agreement the Tuscany Region has granted to the Trento autonomous Province, through a use license, the usage of training modules available on trio. Similarly the autonomous Province of Trento has committed to concede to the Tuscany Region, with an use license, the usage of the learning objects present on the platform Elle 3.


The agreement between the Marche Region and the Tuscany Region

It has been defined between the Marche Region and the Tuscany Region an agreement for the reuse, through a license, of the platform TRIOand of the learning objects in it contained.
The aim of the Marche Region is to adopt a system of web learning to use as a support of the professional training system, of the training in the Public Administration and of the services supplied by the center for the employment.
The Marche Region, already member of RITEF, has individuated in the "reuse" the best solution of resources saving and reduction of the development time, and has evaluated TRIO as the more developed system and more respondent to every need, with a warranty of the results because of its multi annual experience.
The Marche Region has undertook to supply the Tuscany Region the training modules of the regional school of public administration training that will be requested and the training modules that, in the future, will be object of autonomous development.


The agreement between Rome Capital City and Tuscany Region

Rome Capital city manages a project named Orchestra-Saperi all’opera, finalized to the realization of didactic laboratories about various thematic of interest of the public administration. Thanks to the agreement between the Tuscany Region and rome capital city, will be acted the exchange, through use license, of some training modules ( learning object)- present on the platforms respective TRIO and Orchestra-Saperi all’opera – time by time individuated and specified in special communication. These will supply also the indications about the actuated modalities of the reuse


Agreement of use license of Learning Objects among the Public Administrations.