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Registrations are open! You can subscribe to TRIO's laboratories, the virtual didactic environments that involve users in a direct and interactive way. With the laboratories it is possible to practice and receive the support of expert e-teachers to deepen the knowledge of English, computer technology and Italian for foreigners.

The educational spaces are accessible to all registered users who want to improve the knowledge acquired with the courses present in the TRIO catalogue.

The laboratories include:

  • Theme lessons completed by short tutorials and possible final exercises
  • Quiz and exercises with final grading
  • Webinars / online seminars to study specific aspects covered during the courses
  • Work sessions where you can contact an e-teacher (or virtual teacher) who will provide explanations, details and feedback on the performed exercises

Contact us for more details on 800 99.99.78. It's free!

Access TRIO's laboratories and improve your training experience!

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