Safeness and health culture in the workplace, in Tuscany schools

With the activation of the “Safe School ProjectTuscany Region takes TRIO, the free system of web learning, to be available by the schools with the aim to diffuse safeness and health culture in the workplace, in the Tuscany schools, favouring the consolidation of the idea of school as “safe work place” for all the people that operate there.

Trio will support the school institutions in working for the training obligations regarding the laws of safeness, as for the agreement state regions of 21st December 2011, that defines the duration, the minimum contents and the modalities of training of the workers.

The beneficiaries of the “Safe School Project” are, on one side, the operators that work in the school structures, that will work with the idea of a school as a “Safe Working Place“; on the other side, the young people that live the school as a place where to learn, and will get close to the culture of safeness as a lifestyle.

The services and the educational offer of the trio system will be available completely for free, for the training of managers, employees and workers by the school institutes involved in the training initiative, and the pupils equalized to the workers as for various typologies of responsibilities.


The usage of the e-learning training modality is allowed for the following training activities:

  • the general training of the workers, 4 training hours;
  • manager training, 16 hours of training ;
  • the courses of adjournment of 5 years for all the categories of 6 hours;
  • points from 1 to 5 of the training predisposed (Main subjects of the system of firm prevention: duties, obligations, responsibilities, relationships among the internal and external subjects of the prevention system, definition and individuation of the risk factors; accidents and loss infortunes; communication techniques and sensitization of the workers in particular the new employed, administered, foreigners) for 4 hours.
  • experimental individual training projects if individuated by the Region and the autonomous Provinces.