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Giovanisì (, the project of the Tuscany Region for the autonomy of young people, is a system of opportunities structured in 7 areas: Internships, House, Civil Service, Business, Education and Training, Work and Giovanisì+ (participation, culture, legality, social and sport). The project is addressed to young people up to 40 years old  and the opportunities are funded by regional, national and European resources. Giovanisì was born in 2011 with the main objective of promoting the transition process for young people to autonomy, through the enhancement and promotion of opportunities for the right to study and training, support for pathways for youth inclusion in the workplace and facilitating start-up.

The creation of a dedicated environment inside the regional web learning system TRIO has the goal to make Giovanisì's opportunities more usable.

 To give more complete opportunities for young people and to strenghten the synergy among the tools offered by Regione Toscana, a new environment has been created on TRIO, where is available an educational offering dedicated to 4 macro-areas of the Giovanisì project (Internships, Learning and Education, Create Enterprise, Job).

The courses available in this environment are chosen from TRIO catalogue and will be completed each time with a series of brand new titles, specifically created. The goal is to offer to the young people of Tuscany, tools, competences and resources useful to the Giovanisì project's measurements.

To get more information about the Giovanisì project you can call the toll free number 800.098.719 (mon-fri, 9.30 am-4 pm), write an email at, send a query to Facebook Messanger, navigate the portal or use the social networks ( Facebook Twitter Youtube  Instagram Telegram Tik Tok ).

It is possible to receive information about the opportunities of the Giovanisì project also in the Employment Centers