TRIO’s educational offer has today an e-learning catalogue with more than 1.900 courses, organized into 12 different thematic Macro-Areas. For further information follow this link

The TRIO’s e-learning courses display a marked multimedia and interactive character. They all are equipped with audio/video supports, images and animation, and they are all supported by a user-friendly, intuitive web surfing. Recorded virtual classes, audio-podcasts and e-books are also available among the educational resources.

Some of the courses are grouped in pathways or didactic collections, to help users study and train on specific subjects, in order to gain the related certifications required by the job market (Regional Repertory of Competencies).

To enroll in any online TRIO course, you need first to create your own profile by writing in the Home Page’s section "Registrati al portale (Register to the Portal)" your personal data and e-mail address.

Once you’re logged in, you can start searching for a didactic resource by course code or by keyword from its title.

Download TRIO catalogue!

Once you have found the course you are interested in:

  • enter and enjoy the e-learning education
  • refer to the datasheet catalogue for further technical and content details
  • view the demo for the presentation of the subjects;

In the most recent courses (code –TRQ and –BGT, numbered starting from 3000), users who, due to a disability, need supporting technologies or special configurations can use the “accessible version”.

All TRIO courses propose an optional entrance test, which evaluates the level of the initial skills, as well as one or more final tests on the skills acquired after completing the course. In many TRIO courses there is only one final test, while in the new ones the tests are distributed along the Learning Objects. To accomplish a course, users have to gain a minimum score of 75/100 within all its modules.

In addition to the online courses, TRIO has introduced a new range of educational tools, in order to offer its users a wider and more interactive learning experience.

Webinars are online seminars which take place on a prearranged date and time. During the Webinar, participants can ask the e-teachers their questions in real time. Within the Webinar environment users can find the list of the scheduled live meetings, instructions on how to enroll, and all the materials about the past events.

TRIO’s LAB for Information Technology and English is a virtual environment devoted to a cooperative e-learning, where users can enhance their IT and English skills with the support of the TRIO e-teachers.

Mahara software gives users the access to a self-shaped environment, in line with their learning needs and style. The educational activities that involve students in an interactive and straight exchange take place within the virtual classrooms.

Within the Lab, the e-teachers propose their TRIO Exercises monthly. Users can go through with them and check their achievement in real time. A final score will be given them after completing the Exercises.