The orientation tutor assists users with the choice of the courses within the catalogue, focusing on the single user’s learning requirements. Please, feel free to contact or to take part in the public forum specifically devoted to the service.

After enrolling for a course, user will be able to get in touch with an expert-in-contents tutor, thanks to the link “contact the tutor”, available within the course itself and in the related forum.

TRIO’s e-teachers will help users in the study of Foreign Languages and Information Technology. Please, feel free to contact them by e-mail and and within the forum) of the related Communities. Within the educational Laboratories of English and Information Technology users can directly interact with the e-teachers by participating to the suggested activities. Here is the link.

The Web Learning Groups and the TRIO’s telematic learning Centres are directed by specific tutors who will give users support and supervision and constant reporting on their training activities. Please, feel free to contact them at the e-mail If you need information about the Web Learning Groups (how they work, how to activate them and which services are available for the organizations), please feel free to contact