TRIO is the web-based learning system realized by Regione Toscana. The platform offers free and accessible learning objects and services to citizens, public administrations and private organizations, on multiple and/or specialized topics.

TRIO is a system for the innovative, easy and intuitive learning, based on Open Source software environments.

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What TRIO provides to its users:

  • a wide catalogue that counts more than 900 learning objects available online at any hour
  • the issue of a certificate of attendance to the users who ask for it after completing the course and passing both the halfway and the final tests;
  • a technical support through various channels: an Help Desk, a Tutoring service and an Orientation guidance to the Learning Objects;
  • the opportunity to be part of a social network learning-oriented, within the Webinar, the English and IT Labs and the Community itself;
  • a customized access to the Learning Objects especially designed for the organizations which require it, through the implementation of a specific Web Learning Group (WLG).

To get into the world of TRIO, you just need to connect to with your own personal computer or, in case you do not have an internet connection, you can personally go to one of the telematic learning Centres spread out all around Tuscany or you can benefit from the PAAS net.

PLEASE NOTE: registration, courses and TRIO’s services are totally free!

If a TRIO user stays inactive for at least one year (12 months without enrolling to any course) or, if enrolled, 24 months without any training activity, his/her registration will be automatically revoked by the system. To reactivate the profile, regaining personal data and performed activities, the user will have to contact the Help Desk.