The Teletraining Poles

The orientation for Distance education is carried out by Teletraining poles, which are public establishments spread over the entire territory of Tuscany where you can access to TRIO.

For information on how to access and the services offered, users can contact tutors or Pole managers.

Each reality, depending on its needs, has set up a more or less structured system of Poles.

The base public library, being guarantor of the access right of everyone to culture, to information and to learning during all the life long, it is certainly one of the more adequate places to assure the fruition of the services of training at distance as TRIO.

By a decision of the Regional Commission, n° 10 on 22nd November 2004 has been decided to integrate the regional Tuscany system of training at distance and the regional Tuscany system of the libraries to realize and guarantee a new model of training and adjournment continuous either for the operators of the branch or the citizens.

Find the nearest Pole to you, where you can go to access to the services and the courses of TRIO.